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Good Evening Messages

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  • Everything that God allows us with a purpose. He even uses the greatest error and the deepest hurt to mould us into a good person of worth and value. Good Evening!
  • Words of praise are sweet to the ears, Greetings of laughter bring good-time cheers, You start the day right, while I thank God before I sleep tonight.. Good Evening!

Hercolena Oliver Evening Messages

  • Roses can no longer be gathered in winter's snow. Only by evening we can appreciate splendid day glow.
  • Deserts wait far yonder for rain for all eternity; milestones, not moments, foresaking you and me.
  • If your dreams don't come true, don't despair as dreams & aspirations reflect true care.
    Don't choose. Don't refuse. Don't lose.
  • Your spirit is steadfast as a rock. Your foundation is built on a block. You're not patronised by a woman in a frock. You have the keys for every lock.
  • The fragrance of a flower once picked evaporates. How can one progress one hour confronted by closed gates?
  • The moon is rising so uncompromising seemingly preoocupied not conquered, though often tried.
  • Desires of the heart are not easy to share for often depart those who dare and on those barren rocks drift apart unchartered territory even for those who care.
  • Improvise! Life's infinite variations can assist you in meeting your aspirations.
    Relief is attainable for your life to become sustainable.
    With perseverance the seemingly impossible may become possible.
    With the right attitude you can put more hours in your day for work and play.
    Planning properly today may make a brighter future tomorrow possible. Don't waste time regretting yesterday when what happened is insignificant and demure by comparison of your finest hours you're still to endure.
  • Look beyond what you may perceive and look forward to what you may achieve. Ambition is not altogether as difficult as it may seem. Just dream.
  • If you just dare your life may be truely beyond compare.
  • Sustain your body & life & experience abundant lack of strife.
  • Do you wish your dream'd come true beneath the sky so blue? Do you wish your basket to fill with daffodils on the hill? Do you wake at a sprightly morn? Cherishing the corn? Or are you merely wishing to be there overwrought with too many a care, wishing not for harm, but rather to play on a farm? Or are you still here, only dreaming of those waters crystal clear?
    Who you were & could've been or would you've in memory, remembered even as the eyes no more can see; would you have been away & gone or have confided in me, of in anguish 'fore day is gone having wanted to flee?

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